Conference Program

Stay tuned for exciting announcements about the 12th International Conference & Workshop on Lobster Biology and Management 2023 Program!

The Conference program will feature keynote lectures and oral presentations and will focus on the following themes:


  1. Behaviour and Behavioural Ecology 
  2. Physiology and Neurobiology
  3. Reproductive Biology
  4. Diseases and Parasites
  5. Recruitment processes
  6. Fisheries Science and Stock Assessment
  7. Population Dynamics, genetics and connectivity
  8. Aquaculture
  9. Climate Change and Oceanic Processes
  10. Trap Design, Ghost Fishing and Gear Conflicts
  11. Ecosystem-Based Fisheries Management (EBFM)
  12. Economic Assessments
  13. Compliance
  14. Recreational Fishing
  15. Ecosystem Effects of Fishing
  16. Marine Stewardship Council and Third Party Certification
  17. Social Issues
  18. Invasive species
  19. Habitat / Dietary preferences
  20. Anthropogenic impacts e.g. Seismic surveys
  21. Industry Day: Industry Issues
  22. Industry Day: Management